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Who is “Are We There Yet”?

Are We There Yet (AWTY) connects campers with private landowners who have unused camping areas and provide camping facilities to campers.

Are the camping areas listed on the platform safe?

The platform does not guarantee the safety of the camping areas, but the owners of the areas are required to provide accurate information about their camping sites and sites are vetted. To keep our platform safe, we encourage campers to leave reviews after their trip and contact AWTY if a site was unsafe.

What type of camping facilities are available?

The camping facilities vary and can include amenities such as restrooms, showers, and potable water sources.

How is the payment process handled?

Payments are made through the platform's secure online payment system, and the payment is released to the landowner after the camper checks in.

Is the platform available in all locations?

The platform is currently available in select locations across Australia and is continually expanding to new areas.

Can I cancel my reservation?

The platform's cancellation policy varies depending on the specific camping area and the time frame before the start of the reservation, so campers are encouraged to carefully review the cancellation policy before making a reservation.

What if I have a problem with my reservation?

The platform has a customer support team that is available to assist with any problems or concerns that may arise during the reservation process.

Is there a minimum or maximum stay requirement?

There are no minimum stay requirements generally, but can vary depending on the specific camping area, so campers are encouraged to carefully review the listing details before making a reservation.

Can I bring my pet to the camping area?

The pet policy varies depending on the specific camping area, so campers are encouraged to carefully review the listing details and the owner's policy before making a reservation.

Who is responsible for maintaining the camping area?

The owner of the camping area is responsible for maintaining the area and ensuring that it is in good condition for campers.

Is there insurance coverage for campers and landowners?

We provide insurance coverage for all campers who use our platform to book camping experiences. The insurance policy covers campers for injuries sustained while camping and offers protection against liability costs for the hosts.

As we are starting out, we are currently working with our insurance partners on developing a unique host insurance policy to provide an additional layer of protection for our hosts.

How is the privacy of personal information protected?

The platform implements strict privacy policies to protect the personal information of both campers and landowners, and all sensitive information is stored securely. You can find our Privacy Policy here

Is there a fee to use the platform?

The platform charges a fee to both campers and landowners for its services, which includes listing and reservation management, payment processing, and customer support.

Can I leave a review for my camping experience?

Yes, campers are encouraged to leave a review of their camping experience on the platform, which helps to provide valuable feedback to the owner and inform future campers about the camping area.