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Camper Standards

It is the purpose of our Standards to provide our community with expectations and direction. These requirements for respect, preparation, and safety should be read over and followed by all participants

Be ready

Be sure to arrive prepared with all the information you require

Review the listing specifics, the rules, and the welcome message from your Host. Before asking questions, do not forget to read the information offered. To find this information, check your trip confirmation page and/or confirmation email at any time

Be in touch with your host

Send your Host a message in advance to set up any changes to your reservation or to ask any questions you may have about the property or listing. It's also best to inform them of your anticipated arrival time so they can get ready and/or greet you.

Keep the directions on hand

Be aware that some hosts don't advise using GPS and instead give specific directions on how to get to their property. Read the arrival instructions before you leave (you can find them on your trip confirmation page), and ideally download both of these along with your Host's contact information. Each AWTY host varies in how well their phone reception works.

Be Careful

Play your role in preventing mishap

Observe fire safety

If fires are permitted where you are going, read our fire safety guide (‘The best way to prepare your property for secure campfires” )to brush up on how to build and extinguish campfires safely to prevent wildfires. You will be informed immediately if your Host imposes a fire ban at a site you have reserved. Also, take note that no fires mean no fireworks!

Check the size of your group

Follow the occupancy restrictions set by your Host and let them know in advance how many people will be in your group. Go over any safety instructions or emergency protocols. Your Host might draw attention to potential dangers or provide pertinent emergency details, like phone numbers or the location of the closest hospital.

Be aware of your car's limitations

We want to prevent you from underestimating your car's power and getting stuck because some AWTY properties can only be reached via roads that require a 4x4 vehicle. Recognise the state of the roads and consult your Host if necessary. Some road information might be provided in their listing description.

Respect your hosts by acting appropriately

Our community is generously given access to AWTY Hosts' private property.

Read the guidelines and abide by them

Review any guidelines or limitations your hosts may have so that you can continue to be respectful of them and their property. (You can find these in your trip's confirmation details. ) Ensure that everyone in your group is aware of these guidelines beforehand so that everyone can follow them, as necessary.

Reduce noise

If your host has established quiet hours, abide by them so that other guests can enjoy their stay and neighbours can sleep soundly. If there are no designated quiet hours, use your best judgement regarding privacy and available space to prevent disturbing other people.

Pay attention to your neighbourhood

Follow the posted speed limits, be considerate of your neighbours, and keep in mind that rural neighbourhoods belong to others also.

Recycle, compost, and dispose of waste properly

Your hosts will either specify exactly where you should dispose of your trash or make it clear that you should take it with you when you leave. If they have designated trash bins, make sure you know where to find them; if not, bring trash bags, preferably compostable ones, to pack out your rubbish and take with you.

Recycle human waste properly

To ensure that it is done in a manner that is both environmentally friendly and compliant with local laws, hosts establish rules for disposing of human waste. If any facilities are offered on-site, make sure to use them. If the host doesn't supply a camping toilet, it's your responsibility to bring one.

Keep your pets under your control

Pets are permitted at some AWTY locations, but you must maintain control over them, prevent harm from being done, and make sure they are kept quiet during quiet times. On your trip confirmation page, your host's on- or off-leash policies are listed. Please review them and abide by them.

Be open to all

Regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, political beliefs, religion, national origin, or culture, we expect everyone who uses AWTY to work to promote a sense of safety and inclusivity. This applies to hosts as well as to AWTY customers and their visitors. Utilising AWTY is a commitment to uphold our shared goal of fostering a hate-free environment while fostering resilient communities.

Leave it better than you found it

"Leave it better" ! 'As an AWTY customer, this means making sure you always respect your Host's property and rules and doing your best to ensure you leave the property and neighbourhood in better condition than when you arrived, if possible.