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How does "Are We There Yet" work?

Are We There Yet’ or AWTY is an ecosystem of enthusiastic travellers and the most comprehensive guide to unique nature-based accommodations in Australia. AWTY acts as a bridge between private landowners who wish to earn flexible income and unlock the breathtaking landscapes previously inaccessible to the public, catering to those seeking enjoyable and fair access to nature!

AWTY endeavors to support property caretakers and inspire more individuals to reconnect with the land by offering opportunities for landowners to generate income by hosting eager travellers and nature enthusiasts.

We invite you to join our 'HOST TEAM,' take immediate action in conservation, and earn some money along the way!

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Signing up is simple

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Signing up is simple

Flexible earning and income. You can elect when YOU want to host. Our calendar enables you to block out dates and construct your ideal program.

Signing up is simple

Cash Flows! AWTY Hosts receive deposits and payments made through direct debits on a weekly basis.

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At AWTY, you can discover a wide range of options in Australia, ranging from gardens to expansive working farms, spacious plots of land, rustic hobby farms, and even charming backyards. Locations that welcome pets are immensely sought-after, especially if they offer the tranquility of open fields, shaded areas, and proximity to creeks or rivers.

The proximity to major urban areas such as cities, large regional towns, national parks, state parks, and popular tourist routes, as well as accessible walking and hiking trails, captures the interest of our travellers. Given that the majority of our camping community hails from metropolitan areas, they actively seek out rural and rustic camping experiences.

It's free to get started

Registering and adding your property on AWTY in Australia is Free. Once you start hosting campers, AWTY deducts 8% from your earnings, ensuring you retain 92%.

The 8% commission covers various expenses, including a processing fee that is directly paid to Stripe, our secure payment processor. It also goes towards email and social media marketing efforts targeted at our AWTY community. Additionally, it contributes to round-the-clock customer service and the assistance of a dedicated host success specialist, who can help you optimize your AWTY experience and achieve your goals.

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Important Information

Bush toilet

Toilets & Waste

Regardless of whether they are provided by the Host or an AWTY customer, all campsites featured on the website in Australia must have toilet facilities accessible. If the Host offers restroom facilities, they must be conveniently located on-site and made available to AWTY customers. Hosts who offer sleeping accommodations are obliged to provide a contracted portable toilet, a rustic toilet, or an advanced toilet; basic transportable camp toilets are not permitted. AWTY customers are expected to bring their own camp toilets if the Host is unable to provide one on-site.

Are We There Yet insurance


Campers agree in AWTY's Terms of Use that they are responsible paying for any property damage that they cause.

We offer our campers insurance to cover themselves for injury or damage or loss of their property while camping on the host's property.

This is not an insurance policy and should not be considered as a replacement or stand-in for your own homeowners or commercial insurance.

As we are a very new startup, we are still working with our insurance partners to identify a property protection plan for our hosts in the event that the camper and host cant come to an agreement. We are working very hard of finding the right plan to suit our hosts' needs.

AWTY Council image

What about councils

The regulations pertaining to private land camping and the approval procedures vary across Australia, not only from state to state but also from council to council. Certain locations may have exemptions that allow landowners to accommodate campers without formal approval, or there may be local laws that permit private land camping within specific guidelines. In some areas, local councils have acknowledged the need for improvements in the legal framework and are actively working towards implementing them. Meanwhile, some councils have yet to consider the implications of AWTY in their respective neighborhoods.

We kindly request our hosts to familiarise themselves with the requirements and adhere to them accordingly. If you have any queries about the information we have regarding your state or local council, please don't hesitate to ask. However, please note that we may not have knowledge of the laws in every part of Australia. Regardless of your location within Australia and the necessary approval process, age is not a determining factor.

AWTY Dealing with Bad campers

How will I handle a negative experience?

We go out of our way to protect you from uncomfortable situations before they happen. as follows: Each AWTY Customer at the time of check out certifies that they have read the policies you have established. We suggest that you make the rules clear and succinct so that AWTY Customers will find it easy to remember them. Every person in our community is expected to uphold one of AWTY's principles, ‘Leave it better than you found it’ Before they book, AWTY Customers review the Leave it better than you found it principles we go over with them. An AWTY Customer who has been accused of acting extremely inappropriately by the community will be given a clear explanation of the circumstances and, If necessary, they might be prevented from using AWTY in the future. Thankfully, we can confidently state that there haven't been many instances of rowdy patrons. In fact, many Hosts frequently mention how respectful AWTY Customers are of their property.

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“Being able to share my beautiful property with others, hassle-free, is amazing. My wife and I love the flexibility that AWTY affords us and that we can make some extra money to offset life's pressures”

Mick Stevens, Victorian High Country, VIC